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Our volunteers play a vital role in every aspect of the fair, from event setup and ticketing to guest services and behind-the-scenes support. With over 40,000 visitors in four days, not only do we want to provide a unique experience, but also the opportunity to give back to the community that supports us each year. As part of the “Friends of the Fair” volunteer team, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills, and be part of a tradition that has brought joy to our community for generations.

Volunteer Oppertunities:

  • Open Class Volunteer
  • Information Booth Volunteer
  • Backstage Load-in/Load-out
  • Maintenance/ Trash Crew
  • Ticket Booth/Ticket Scanning
  • Photography/Media

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, benefits, and inquire about sign up,please contact the fair office.We’re excited to have you with us and can’t wait to see the positive impact we can create together!”

Friends of the Fair

Meet the friendly faces behind the scenes — the passionate individuals who give their time, energy, and love to ensure every Yamhill County Fair is a memorable experience for all. From setting up booths to organizing events, our volunteers are the backbone of our fair, each contributing their unique talents and stories.

Scott and Elizabeth Hinchcliff

Scott and Elizabeth Hinchcliff’s connection with the fair began when their daughter joined a 4-H Small Animal group. From that moment, they became integral parts of the fair community, bringing their own unique contributions and enthusiasm.

For the Hinchcliffs, one of the most memorable aspects of their fair experience has been the opportunity to forge connections with other 4-H families. Watching the children learn and grow through animal care and teamwork in the barn has been a rewarding experience, one that has left a lasting impression on their family.

Motivated by their love for the fair and their commitment to their community, the Hinchcliffs eagerly participate year after year. Scott’s automotive business proudly sponsors the fair, and both Scott and Elizabeth can be found lending a hand in the ticket booth. A highlight for them is taking a leisurely stroll through the barns, reminiscing about their daughter’s 4-H days, and enjoying the concerts together.

What they enjoy most about the fair atmosphere is its ability to bring the entire community together. It provides families with a space to have fun, make memories, and strengthen bonds. The sense of camaraderie and shared excitement is palpable, making each fair experience truly special.

To those considering getting involved in the fair for the first time, the Hinchcliffs offer simple yet profound advice: volunteer! They emphasize the multitude of ways one can contribute and the joy of reconnecting with familiar faces. As they attest, the fair is always a blast, and being part of it is an experience like no other.

Thank you to the Hinchcliffs for their years of dedication and service!

John Nyberg

In 1967, John Nyberg began his journey with the fair as a herdsmanship judge. His military service briefly interrupted his involvement, but upon returning, he resumed judging and eventually joined the Fair Board in January 1974. His son, John, followed in his footsteps onto the Fair Board.

John’s contributions extended beyond board meetings. He manned BBQs, ran food booths, and even helped with car parking on horseback. He played a role in building the ADEC facility and locating the Bath House on the fairgrounds. The Nyberg family also donated equipment when one of their businesses closed.

John finds joy in watching 4-H and FFA youth grow into adults, returning with their families. He values the fair’s community support and the reunions it facilitates. Despite challenges, John continues to return year after year, knowing his efforts are worthwhile.

His words of advice to someone who wants to get involved is, “If you see someone that is busy and you think you can assist, offer. You will need to develop a thick skin at times, it may not be a Yellow Brick Road, but it is all good in the end, or I would not be coming back each year.”

John Nyberg’s 50+ years of fair service are appreciated for their lasting impact on the community. We thank him for his dedication and look forward to more shared memories at the fair.

Rosie Nyberg

Rosie Nyberg’s story begins in Florence, Oregon, where she grew up as the second of four children in a family with a police officer father and a nurse mother. While her childhood dreams of joining 4-H were put on hold, fate intervened when she met John C Nyberg in 2015, igniting her passion for the organization.

Entering the world of 4-H with gusto, Rosie embraced every opportunity to learn and contribute. Under John’s guidance, she dove headfirst into the myriad projects offered by the 4-H club, eager to absorb knowledge and develop new skills. With John’s patient guidance, Rosie navigated the complexities of project schedules, realizing the importance of organization in managing her newfound commitments.

Central to Rosie’s enthusiasm for 4-H is its motto: “To Make the Best Better.” This ethos resonates deeply with her as she witnesses the dedication and growth of the young participants. The sight of children nurturing their animals and passionately discussing their projects fills her with hope for the future.

Driven by her passion for 4-H, Rosie took on leadership roles in two projects: Expressive Arts and Clothing & Textiles (Sewing). Despite her own ongoing learning journey, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge with the children, supported by a team of dedicated assistant leaders.

Looking ahead, Rosie is eager to deepen her understanding of her chosen projects, recognizing that her continued learning will enrich her ability to mentor and inspire the next generation of 4-H participants. In her commitment to teaching and sharing knowledge, Rosie embodies the spirit of 4-H, fostering a community of growth, learning, and camaraderie.

We appreciate your service, Rosie!

Kim and Daryll Alt

Kim and Daryll started participating in the Yamhill County Fair around 2009.. Being able to offer sponsorships for 4-H awards was a joy and got them interested in what other opportunities there were to help out the fair, which was struggling at the time. Through the Yamhill County Master Gardeners, they started out clerking and we were blessed to find Doris Crimmins as part of the team. Doris was an active fair volunteer for more than 25 years and helped teach us the ropes. They had a small farm at the time and raised a heritage sheep breed and heritage poultry. Within a few years, they found themselves acting as the Supervisors for Open Class Horticulture and Floriculture.

“We moved here from the Bay Area in California precisely to become what the County Fair represents…a part of a community.” Starting out as Supervisors, they found themselves struggling to get in a 100 or so entries. They are delighted that we saw 478 entries in 2023. Most of the work is done before the fair opens, where they meet and greet people that come through the horticulture displays. “We do some of the work and pour themselves into it, but there are dozens of Yamhill County Master Gardeners and McMinnville Garden Club volunteers who also show up and give their time to make the fair successful.”

One of Darylls favorite memories from the Yamhill County Fair is “of a four year old girl walking up to Kim to see if she could enter the dandelion I had watched her pull up from a crack in the pavement on the fairgrounds. There are rules about growing the plants you enter on your own property or the property you rent on, and this was clearly outside the rules…and we let her enter it. I had tears in my eyes as she pulled grandma into the pavilion three days later to show her the ribbon she had won.” That moment, and so many others like it, keep them coming back to do it one more time. “This is where we live and we are grateful to be allowed to give some small effort back to this community that is so dear to us. See YOU at the Fair.”

Thank you Kim and Daryll for your continued dedication to the Yamhill County Fair!

Cydney Stables

Meet Cydney, an integral part of our fair community whose journey with the Yamhill County Fair began at the age of 5. From her early days participating in open class Horticulture to her current roles as a judge and superintendent, Cydney’s passion for agriculture and youth development has been unwavering. Over the years, she has engaged in various facets of fair participation, from showing dairy cattle, meat goats, and turkeys to presenting static exhibits and horticulture products. Her dedication and expertise led her to serve as the Yamhill County Fair and Rodeo Ambassador in both 2020 and 2021, where she gained valuable insights into the profound impact of the fair on individual participants and the broader community.

Cydney fondly recalls her time as a fair ambassador, “it was a very memorable experience because I was able to see the broader picture of how the fair impacts individual participants and community members. While showing and exhibiting projects was very rewarding and I earned great achievements, I think the most important aspect of the fair is providing a learning experience for youth and connecting the community to agriculture. It also allowed me to educate about agriculture and promote the community aspect of the fair.”

Motivated by the opportunity to inspire and educate young adults, Cydney continues to play a vital role in the fair as a 4-H presentations judge, master showmanship judge, and the Horticulture superintendent. Her advice to those considering getting involved with the fair is to “Find your niche and get connected with people in that area to help you explore and further your interest. There is a part of the fair for everyone.” With her passion, expertise, and commitment to community, Cydney exemplifies the spirit of service and growth that defines our fair family.

Thank you for your lifetime of commitment Cydney!

Shanna Kerr

Meet Shanna, a dedicated volunteer who plays a crucial role in our fair community as a clerk for the Livestock Auction Committee. For the past seven years, Shanna has been diligently organizing the results from market animal classes to create the sale order for the auction. Her journey with the fair began through her involvement with her daughter’s 4-H animals, where she realized her desire to actively contribute rather than simply observe.Shanna shared her favorite part of her role is “seeing the looks on the kids faces while they are in the auction ring. It can be overwhelming with all of those people in the audience but it’s also so exciting for the kids. That is what they have worked so hard for!”

What keeps Shanna motivated year after year is the profound impact the fair has on its young participants. She recognizes the invaluable lessons they learn while raising animals and finds fulfillment in supporting their journey. Beyond the individual experiences, Shanna finds joy in the sense of community fostered by the fair, where families come together to celebrate the achievements of the youth.

For those interested in getting involved in the auction, Shanna offers simple yet invaluable advice: reach out to the auction committee at yamhillcountylivestockauction@gmail.com. As someone who has experienced firsthand the rewarding nature of volunteering, Shanna encourages others to join in and be part of this enriching experience. With her dedication, compassion, and commitment to the youth, Shanna embodies the spirit of service that defines our fair community.

Thank you Shanna!

Tracey Oberaker

Introducing Tracey, one of our newest volunteers, whose passion for community engagement and dedication to making a difference shine brightly through his involvement with the FFA/4H and our fairgrounds. As a proud member of the Dayton FFA Alumni, Tracey has immersed himself in the needs of our community since 2023. When his step-daughter approached him about coordinating the 2nd Annual “Best of the Best” BBQ competition, his response was an enthusiastic “Yes!” without hesitation.

Reflecting on his journey, Tracey recalls the challenges of managing events during the Covid era but highlights the sheer joy of collaborating with an incredible team to bring our fair events to life. For Tracey, the motivation to participate in the fair each year stems from the simple pleasure of having fun amidst the dedicated efforts of everyone involved and the infectious excitement of fairgoers. He cherishes the fair atmosphere and community spirit as a testament to the strength of unity and mutual support within our community.

Tracey believes that involvement in the fair offers not only personal growth but also the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and make a positive impact. His advice to newcomers echoes his own experience: embrace the chance to serve, grow, and witness the joy that collective efforts bring to our community. Tracey’s commitment to service and his unwavering belief in the power of community make him an invaluable addition to our team.

Thank you for all you do, Tracey!

Thank you to all our volunteers — you are the heart and soul of the fair!

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