For years, our mission as the Yamhill County Fair & Rodeo has been to deliver our community big name acts with a good view. This year, we are back with a line-up that county AND rock fans will enjoy. All events are included with General Admission, however reserved seating for concerts and rodeos are available with additional passes.

2024 Yamhill County Fair & Rodeo Artist Line-up TO BE ANNOUNCED


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RESERVED CONCERT SEATING (formerly Golden Circle)

If you’re wanting to rock out with your favorite band, these tickets are for YOU!

In addition to your general admission ticket, purchase a reserved concert ticket and you will be guaranteed a seat all night long. This section is first come first serve, so you have the opportunity to choose your seat when you arrive. Reserved seating typically opens 45 mins before the opening act.

* reserved seating is first come first serve, if you choose to leave the area for any reason, it is not guaranteed your seat selected seat will remain yours

Learn more about admission and reserved concert seating here:

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While we want you to have fun and make memories at the Yamhill County Fair and Rodeo, we often receive the same questions year after year! Check out the general questions and our answers below.

Q: Can I watch the concert if I haven’t purchased a reserved seat?

A: Of course! Our concert has a large field seating area (included with General Admission) where spectators can enjoy the concert

Q: What is the difference between Reserved and Field Seating?

A: If you’re wanting to get up close to the stage and have a designated seat all night long, you will want to purchase a reserved seat. If you are looking to enjoy the concert from farther away, with the option to stand or bring your own chair, field seating is included with General Admission

Q: Can I bring a chair or blanket to set up on the field seating area for concert viewing?

A: Yes! Many people bring chairs or blankets to view the concert, however the space is first come first serve. You are welcome to arrive and set up earlier in the day , but we can’t guarantee it will remain in that spot as more visitors arrive. The fairgrounds are not liable for any stolen, broken and misplaced items.

Q: Can I meet the performing artist? How do I get backstage?

A: Unfortunately, meet and greets with performers at the Yamhill County Fair are determined by the artist. No meet and greets are available at this time – but check back closer to fair! If you’re wanting to get backstage, check out our Backstage Posse Volunteer Team!

Q: Can I bring my dogs to the fair?

A: While we would love to see your furry friends, DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS DURING THE FAIR AND RODEO, except for Service Dogs, and dogs entered in the 4-H Dog Show. Please leave the dogs at home.

Want to read more about our general rules and regulations? You can view our full document HERE:

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